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In recent years, the popularity of Bitcoin has been on the rise and has become the talk of many people. Bitcoin is an example of a cryptocurrency or digital currency. In today’s digital era, using [More]
Researchers are seeing more vaccinated people getting COVID-19. It began with the huge omicron spike at the beginning of the year. Vaccine companies are now looking to make a new COVID-19 vaccine, with the intent [More]
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It’s thought as many as 100,000 Australians self-medicate with marijuana illegally – for everything from back pain to sleep problems. But when it comes to the evidence for medicinal cannabis… well, the picture is mixed. [More]
Subscribe to our channel! The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Sant’orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic in Bologna has been tending to the coronavirus patients as Italy remains as one of the worst-hit countries in terms of its [More]
Dr. Mike Cirigliano of the FOX medical team discusses intermittent fasting and calorie control. Subscribe to FOX 5 DC: FOX 5 DC is your number one news source for breaking news, live events, weather [More]