Anne Heche’s crash into an L.A. home this week was likely just a disaster waiting to happen — because she was allegedly speeding down other residential streets not too long before. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: [More]
Thousands of previously classified documents regarding UFOs have now been released to the public, and some of the stories include alien abductions , electrical paralysis, sexual encounters, and other bizarre accounts. FOX 35 Orlando delivers [More]
A longtime accountant for citizen Donald Trump has testified before the grand jury convened by the Manhattan DA in the criminal probe into the Trump Organization. Trump has not been accused of any crime. MSNBC’s [More]
To cope with the onslaught of coronavirus cases, Italy rushed 10,000 resident doctors into service during the first wave of the global pandemic. Dr Alessandro Galli, 31, is one of them. The young Italian resident [More]
CNN’s Alex Marquardt looks at the events that led to President Donald Trump’s ousting of the US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch for apparently thwarting his rogue foreign policy scheme. #CNN #News
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