This video presents information on the biological and psychological characteristics of tobacco dependence and nicotine addiction and withdrawal. It describes how nicotine enters the body, the biology of nicotine addiction, the dopamine reward pathway, the [More]
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Nicotine withdrawal is very real, but it is not something you have to fear! Nicotine withdrawal is marketed as a big bad thing, this in essence was the birth of the vaping industry. The truth [More]
This video has been made to demonstrate proper flushing and blood withdrawal from a central line. It is intended to teach the principles of line care, but not intended to be an instructional video. Central [More]
The plan is to start the withdrawal in May and finish by Sept. 11.
Are you afraid that the nicotine withdrawal is going to be painful, harmful, or never-ending? If yes, then you need to watch this video. Because it will show you: – what is nicotine withdrawal – [More]
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Jennifer Kulesa Kelley, MGH tobacco treatment specialist, discusses Partners in Helping you Quit program, an employee smoking cessation program.
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