HAPPY SUNDAY! Boy…..I’ve made A LOT of mistakes on WW!! I want to share them with you and what I did to correct them and see consistent weight loss! Enjoy! XO Points vs Calories Playlist: [More]
Hey everyone – thanks so much for watching my What I Eat in a Day for Weight Loss and Weigh In Update video. This is pretty much a typical day for me. I tend to [More]
Allocated : 29.0 Earned : 0.0 Remaining : -1.0 Total : 30.0 6.0 2x Reese’s cup – 1 0.0 Blueberries 4.0 Ice Cream – 1/2 cup 2.0 Corn on the cob 2.0 2x Oil, olive [More]
I love carbs and someone asked me if I had any advice…hope this help!
These are my results from Weight Watchers Week 6 and a little food demo too 🙂
People who follow the program say they’re having problems adjusting to the new Points Plus program used by Weight Watchers.
The 3 Pillars of Weight Watchers Today I discuss the three foundational pillars of the WW system. If you are interested in trying Weight Watchers Wellness they are still running their fantastic special where if [More]
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http://lose20pounds.info/does-weight-watchers-work.html Excess weight Watchers is usually a well-known weight loss program that has been helping people slim down since 1963. This system was based on the idea of making people track their food intake every [More]
I describe the Weight Watchers Name Change to WW, and how it impacts you as a member. WW is now WW Wellness.