Hi guys. In this video, we have described Central line/ Central Venous Catheter (CVC) insertion technique in a sterile manner using Ultrasound machine (Sonosite). There are 3 routes from which you can insert Central Venous [More]
Technique for accessing the Subclavian Vein in a severely hypovolemic patient with complication of acute hemothorax. VAS074 Related Videos: https://trialimage.com/vascular-animation-library/#central-cath
In this video we demonstrate the technique for inserting an intravenous catheter into the external jugular vein.
Visit http://www.sonosite.com/education for more videos like this one. Using 3D animations we have come up with a new way of demonstrating how to perform portable ultrasound examinations. In this educational video you will see a [More]
Technique of axillary vein access using modified low approach. Reference http://www.howtopace.com/axillary-vein-access/ Part of http://www.howtopace.com series on cardiac pacemaker implantation
Learn how to find a vein using a tourniquet when drawing blood or starting an IV in the arm (antecubital AC area). This video is a teaching tutorial for nursing students, new nurses, or phlebotomists [More]
http://www.hospitalprocedures.org/store/ultrasound-guided-subclavian-vein-catheter-placement The patient is placed in Tranverse position and then chlorhexidine swab is used to prep the left anterior chest wall all the way up, half way up the neck and then also broadly to [More]
The incidence of malpositioning of subclavian vein catheter varies between 6%- 9% and majority of these misplacements are in the ipsilateral internal jugular vein (IJV). Misplaced catheter enhances the risk of clot formation, thrombophlebitis, catheter [More]