The second and third day of a land-based mission with Dane. Lots more dhufish caught on soft plastics and a sweaty hike back out. This is the gear I was using: – CTS GT Fight [More]
Take time for the recent S/S collection created by Tony Ward. He built it on infinite lines, circles, mandala diagrams and geometric shapes, choosing a palette of pure white, green aqua and bright yellow. For [More]
Robotics researchers at Cornell University made a hand that has something close to a human touch. —– Subscribe to CNBC International: Like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram @cnbcinternational Follow us on [More]
Scientists are looking to nature to inspire the next generation of robots. Here’s what they’ve come up with. Could the Biggest Ocean Recording Ever Made Redefine Marine Science? | The Swim – Read More: [More]
Hi guys! This is just a funny roleplay I have made for you! Please do not take this seriously as it is not based on ANYTHING real. I came up with this without direct influences. [More]
Soft robots — which don’t just have soft exteriors but are also powered by fluid flowing through flexible channels — have become a sufficiently popular research topic that they now have their own journal, Soft [More]