In this video Tom undergoes a skin prick allergy test to see if he is allergic to any allergen. This was one of the tests performed as part of an asthma research study looking [More]
To learn more about the support services at Cleveland Clinic Florida’s Maroone Cancer Center, please visit Oncology trained esthetician Tatiana Morales shows you how to care for your skin during and after cancer treatment. [More]
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John’s dramatic weight loss has left him with significant excess skin, which affects his quality of life. The Doctors and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi surprise John with an offer he can’t believe. Subscribe to [More]
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Zach lost over 300 pounds leaving him with an incredible amount of excess skin. Check out what Zach looks like today! Subscribe to The Doctors: LIKE us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: [More]
MSM should stop gaslighting Roseanne Barr & her fans. The topic will be forever brought up as long as there’s new material.
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