Thousands of previously classified documents regarding UFOs have now been released to the public, and some of the stories include alien abductions , electrical paralysis, sexual encounters, and other bizarre accounts. FOX 35 Orlando delivers [More]
The U.S. added 431,000 jobs in March as the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%. Friday’s jobs report also showed wages grew 5.6% in the past year. Sarah House, a senior economist at Wells Fargo, joined [More]
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According to the New York Times, after Donald Trump returned 15 boxes of documents to the National Archives, the department found possible classified information in documents retrieved by the National Archives. Reid Epstein, who helped [More]
Physicians in Lombardy, Italy, have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients requiring critical care. Based on an existing ECMO center network they developed an ICU network to rapidly identify, triage, and manage patients infected with SARS-2-CoV. [More]
A U.S. intelligence report says three researchers at Wuhan Institute of Virology sought treatment at a hospital just before the Covid-19 pandemic began. This comes after a joint study by WHO and China controversially dismissed [More]
According to a report from The New York Times, Israeli agents killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh,late last year using a remote-controlled machine gun and artificial intelligence.Fakhrizadeh had been a target of Israel for [More]
Recently there have been many sightings and reports of “unexplained aerial phenomena or UAPs, and the bottom line from a long-awaited report is that the government can’t explain most of them. NBC’s Tom Costello reports [More]
The Pentagon’s UFO report didn’t even scratch the surface … at least according to a leading UFO filmmaker who has zero doubt Uncle Sam knows much, much more than it’s letting on. SUBSCRIBE: About [More]
We’re always looking for unique subjects to feature in our program and this is a personal first. In this episode of the Arts & Entertainment Report, we take an in-depth look at the ancient healing [More]