The 9th video in the funny ads reboot compilation series. Watch and share… Ultimate Funny Ad videos: Emotional & Thought provoking Ads: Find more funny Indian television ads at our channel page. Our [More]
In this Python Programming Tutorial, we’re going to be looking at a real-world example of writing a script to monitor a website. If the website doesn’t return a successful response for any reason then we [More]
Third Video compilation of the “Reboot series” of the most funny Indian ads. Enjoy and share! Check out our full Channel here: Find more links to 7BLAB channel videos below. Funniest Ads: More [More] In 2015, global economic growth did not exceed 3% and 2016 is likely to be similarly lacklustre. Growth in emerging economies is flatlining and the digital revolution has yet to improve productivity or growth [More]