President Vladimir Putin attends large-scale military exercises involving China and several Russia-friendly countries, and meets with his officials at the Sergeevski military range. The military drills, called Vostok-2022, started on September 1 and are due [More]
Putin survived assassination attempt after invasion, Ukraine intelligence official says,Ukraine’s top military intelligence official has told a Ukrainian newspaper that there was an attempt on the Russian president’s life in March,He appears to say Ukraine [More]
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President Vladimir Putin on Sunday (July 31) signed a new naval doctrine which cast the United States as Russia’s main rival and set out Russia’s global maritime ambitions for crucial areas such as the Arctic [More]
The trip to Russia’s ally comes as President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the toll international sanctions are taking on his country, nearly five months after launching the war in Ukraine. SUBSCRIBE to GMA’s YouTube page: [More]
Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss Russia’s illegal detention of Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan, and Mark Fogel, and what the Biden Administration needs to do to get them [More]
Russian forces were on Monday ordered to push deeper into Eastern Ukraine, as local officials warned civilians to flee the front-line after the capture of Lysychansk. After a months-long battle over the Luhansk Oblast, Vladimir [More]
Vladimir Putin has issued fresh warnings that Russia would respond in kind if Nato set up military infrastructure in Finland and Sweden after they joined the US-led alliance. He said it was inevitable that Moscow’s [More]
Welcome to the News of the Signor. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began at the behest of Putin, continues.But what Russia wants in Ukraine he couldn’t, and it looks like he can’t.However, Putin simply [More]
Vladimir Putin has taken to Russian media to blast NATO nations for their support for Ukraine as one of his top propagandists has sent a morbid warning about nuclear weapons, warning “only a couple of [More]