KING 5 producer Chris Zito allows us to come along on his weight loss journey.
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Dr. David L. Reich, M.D., Chair of the Anesthesiology Department at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, NY, performs a central line procedure with proper sterile technique and the use of ultrasound. This [More]
This video will help you learn about central venous catheters, commonly referred to as a CVC. It’s important to watch this video before the CVC insertion procedure so you understand why a CVC is needed [More]
Dr. Stephen Hamn covers the different Weight Loss Surgery options available, including gastric band and sleeve, as well as gastric bypass and duodenal switch. He discusses when individuals should consider surgery, and other common questions [More]
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Introduction Obtaining peripheral intravenous access is an essential skill for all physicians. Although it is considered one of the simplest invasive procedures, mastering this potentially lifesaving intervention requires refined skills and experience. Indications Peripheral intravenous [More]