The number of novel coronavirus cases has soared to over 150, the most outside Asia, as a dozen Northern Italian towns are on lockdown with the famed Carnival festival canceled. READ MORE: Dow Jones plummets [More]
In Italy, the death toll from Covid-19 is now more than 14,500. It is the hardest hit European country. (Subscribe: In Bergamo, which is close to the Alps, it’s thought fatalities could be double [More]
The 1918 influenza pandemic killed 50 to 100 million people around the world. John M. Barry, the author of a book on the pandemic, explains what happened. And how the response to coronavirus could avoid [More]
The streets in Shanghai remain vacant although authorities say more than half the population is no longer under lockdown. The lockdowns are causing labor shortages and broken supply lines and U.S. companies are warning it [More]
Doctor Li Wenliang sounded one of the first warnings on the Wuhan coronavirus, and was silenced by Chinese authorities. CNN’s David Culver reports. #Wuhan #Coronavirus #CNN #News
China has reported new cases, many Chinese cities are under lockdown. Are we looking at another global wave of coronavirus cases? #China #WuhanVirus #CovidOutbrreak About Channel: WION -The World is One News, examines global issues [More]
Shanghai is entering its third week in lockdown as part of China’s battle to contain its biggest COVID-19 outbreak ever. Many residents are troubled by existential concerns: the fear of hunger. The radical curbs have [More]
Authorities in China have imposed indefinite lockdown restrictions in Shanghai – home to 26 million people – as they battle to control a surge in Covid cases. (Subscribe: People are not being allowed to [More]
China has reported more local symptomatic Covid-19 cases so far this year than it recorded in all of 2021, as the highly transmissible Omicron variant triggers outbreaks from Shanghai to Shenzhen. #coronavirus #Omicron #China 🔔 [More]
China has recorded its fourth rise in new coronavirus cases in a row. That’s despite some 13 million people already under lockdown in the country’s Shaanxi province. The spike in cases there has produced China’s [More]