Senior military officials joined Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta denouncing a video depicting four Marines who appear to be urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban members. David Martin reports on the investigation.
India has successfully launched a missile that is capable of holding a nuclear warhead and can reach Beijing, China.
The number of novel coronavirus cases has soared to over 150, the most outside Asia, as a dozen Northern Italian towns are on lockdown with the famed Carnival festival canceled. READ MORE: Dow Jones plummets [More]
John Dickerson reports on the role of “special master,” what Education Secretary Miguel Cardona says about safety inside classrooms, and the struggle for clean water in Jackson, Mississippi.
Catherine Herridge reports on the latest in the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, the ongoing struggle for thousands in Mississippi to access clean water, and California’s new bill on internet security for minors. #news #trump #maralago [More]
How a prison guard and a prisoner made their break together from one of the world’s most secretive states. Please subscribe HERE
Recently conducted studies that focus on the Wuhan wet market as the origin of COVID-19 contradict the lab leak theory. Reports suggest 2 consecutive spillover events at the wet market. #Study #COVID #Wuhan About Channel: [More]
Putin survived assassination attempt after invasion, Ukraine intelligence official says,Ukraine’s top military intelligence official has told a Ukrainian newspaper that there was an attempt on the Russian president’s life in March,He appears to say Ukraine [More]
The Australian medicinal cannabis industry is on the cusp of major expansion, with consumer demand rising and regulation easing on the farm and in the pharmacy. Subscribe: Read more here: However patients are [More]
Catherine Herridge speaks with Ukraine’s ambassador to U.S. on nuclear tensions, and former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb and Rep. Michael McCaul on the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. CBS News Streaming Network is the premier 24/7 [More]