Dr Yasmin Reyal gives an overview of chemotherapy and myeloma treatment, including what it is, how it is given and how it can affect patients’ day-to-day lives.
The continued evolution and refinement of strategies for disease diagnosis, risk assessment, therapeutic intervention and disease management have provided patients with hematologic malignancies and benign hematologic disorders with enhanced outcomes and improved quality of life. [More]
Hi Friends, Sorry this video is way longer than I had expected. From now on when I have an update with new news I will do shorter videos. Thank you all for always checking on [More]
September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Sorry for the low quality,, I uploaded it on SD rather than HD 🙁 Update Cancer Journey Video: I will begin Chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma next week. In the [More]
Dr Qazilbash speaks with ecancer at the ASH 2017 annual meeting about the outcomes of a phase III trial of melphalan with busulfan as induction therapy for multiple myeloma patients. He outlines the current schedule [More]
Welcome to the MedicalNewsService.com headlines for December 5, 2015. Amgen Submitted its Application In Europe To Expand Indication Of Kyprolis® for The Treatment Of Relapsed Multiple Myeloma. And… the CDC, state and local health departments [More]