Dr. Glaunsinger is an associate professor in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the California [More]
This lesson starts with a discussion on the Molecular Basis of Inheritance for NEET 2020 Exam. Dr. Anand Mani shares his various preparation strategies along with examples that will help you to crack the exam. [More]
Most of us know about viruses, and that they spread disease. But what is a virus exactly? Is it alive? How does it infect a host? There’s a lot to discuss here! Take a look. [More]
1. Basics of Gene regulation 2. Importance of Gene regulation 3. Promotor & Operator Gene 4. Operon
Paul Andersen explains the major procedures in molecular biology. He starts with a brief description of Taq polymerase extracted from the hot pools of Yellowstone Park. He then uses the analogy of the ransom note [More]
Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS), VICTERS Educational channel, Government of Kerala, www.peecs.kerala.gov.in. Plus Two Zoology Genetics & Evolution Molecular Basis of Inheritance Part 01 By Arunadevi.