Lyme disease can be elusive and devastating. Only one-third of all cases produce the distinctive bulls-eye rash. Others may struggle for a diagnosis to treat many symptoms, from lethargy and fatigue to joint pain and [More]
President Trump tells 60 Minutes if he hadn’t made a speech in Mississippi in which he imitated Christine Blasey Ford, his Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, would not have been confirmed. When pressed on his [More]
Editor’s note: A graphic in this segment misstated the abbreviations of one of the medical centers participating in the Lazarex study. It is UCSF, not USCF. NewsHour regrets the error. U.S. racial and ethnic diversity [More]
Sources: Playlist with all languages: Thanks to all the YouTubers who supported us!!! Being a citizen of the European Union means that many aspects of our lives are regulated by a weird entity. [More]
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If you’re new, Subscribe! → While most ordinary people may be given a second chance after making a mistake, some famous folks were axed or demoted after their split-second bad choices and scandalous behavior. [More]
Economist John Williams thinks the global economy is weak, and a black swan could hit anytime and take it all down. The next crash will be the greatest ever. Williams contends, “It will certainly be [More]
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Fish come from other fish — everyone knows that. But understanding HOW fish reproduce, and how to care for them and their habitat, needs to be considered an important value in our society so that [More]
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