Marine Biologist Amani Webber-Schultz answers the internet’s burning questions about sharks! Why do hammerhead sharks look the way they do? What are the most dangerous types of sharks? Why do sharks have so many teeth? [More]
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POLITIQUE – Assemblée nationale, mardi 12 juillet, 15h04. La présidente de l’Assemblée nationale, Yaël Braun-Pivet, donne la parole à Marine Le Pen. “Une question pour Madame la Première ministre”, commence la présidente du groupe RN [More]
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The third in the free Marine Biology at Home lecture series, this is a short dive into the deep topic of Oceanography.
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Meet Chris Meyer, a marine biologist and scientist from the National Museum of Natural History. He talks about the ocean and his favorite animal the cowrie snail. Full Transcript: Lesson Plan: Activity:
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Follow me around for a few days while I do a lot of studying, homework, and a little bit of rock climbing. If you feel like following me: Music in this video: