Laser acupuncture is the application of therapeutic laser to acupoints on the body. It is used in veterinary medicine for pain relief and to stimulate neurological pathways. It can be used in conjunction with laser [More]
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Laser therapy is effective and spectacular on many health problems horses are suffering from such as the treatment of pain in general, arthritis, trauma, promotion of wound healing,… For practitioners, the whole stake is to [More]
LASER acupuncture (Multi-wavelengths LASER acupuncture splitters and combiners)
Chronic pain affects millions of adults in the USA. Acupuncture has treated this problem for centuries. And now, pain-free laser acupuncture allows us to address the problem of chronic pain without any discomfort to patients. [More]
We often get confused by all the knowledge out there. Often we get misinformation or get an excellent report, which is very hard to understand, and we continue to be misinformed. I like to keep [More]
Why not combine the amazing benefits of acupuncture with the awesome healing power of low level laser? At One Agora, you can do just that. Want to know more? Watch this video as Andrea explains [More]
Laser needle therapy can be used for nearly all acupuncture treatments as up to 12 acupuncture points can be simultaneously stimulated. Knee and back pains as well as headaches or migraines and allergies are the [More]
We discuss the differences between laser therapy with a class 4 laser and its use on fixed points to activate the acupuncture points