Violence erupted in South Africa as supporters of former President Jacob Zuma rioted and looted in response to his jailing for contempt of court. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: [More]
It may sound contradictory, but every time that gamers demand more from the technology powering video games, science benefits. Dr. Christian Jacob takes us on a fascinating journey of exploring the human body, using gaming [More]
Programme organized by Kerala freethinkers forum On 15.02.2016 Bank Employers hall .Thiruvananthapuram Live stream Video Without Editing :- Noted Freethinker and authour Ravichandran C here debates with Mr Jacob Vadakkancherry, a naturopath on the [More]
As consumers we are all, more or less unconsciously, constantly influenced by marketing and advertising. Therefore we need to scrutinize market communications and brands way more seriously. They are replacing and gaining influence as symbols [More]
My two year old son gets six booster shots at the same time! Poor lil’ feller.