Research tells us that the way to get people to change is not to start with trying to change their attitudes alone, but to start with the behaviors associated with the attitudes. When people see [More]
Coronavirus News: Hospitalisations in Delhi are up by over 60 per cent since August 1 as the city reports a surge in coronavirus cases with a positivity rate of 19.20 per cent, highest in over [More]
Breast cancer survival increases when treatment involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are completed within 38 weeks of the initial diagnosis, according to a recent Cleveland Clinic study.
#France will not let #hospitals to be in a situation where they have to choose which patients to treat, amid a third wave of the #coronavirus pandemic, Health Minister Olivier Veran told parliament on Tuesday. [More]
Biden’s third inoculation comes less than a week after health officials approved the Pfizer-BioNTech booster for certain groups. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS LET’S CONNECT: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram [More]
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a short-term government funding and debt limit increase bill Tuesday night with zero Republican support. The bill now heads to the Senate where Republicans have vowed to oppose it. [More]
Every flu season is unique. The 2019-2020 outbreak features more cases of influenza B, the viral strain that usually emerges later in the season. “We’re right now in the thick of the flu season. Here [More]
The U.S. said that more countries stopped buying oil Iran, U.S. Department of State official said in Washington on Tuesday. China, India, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Taiwan, Turkey and Japan were the eight countries which [More]
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