Hair loss is a side effect of Chemotherapy, at H.O.P.E. Oncology Clinic we use the latest PAXMAN SCALP COOLING TECHNOLOGY to reduce chemo-induced hairloss. For more information contact 011-43420000, #DrAmishVora #scalpcooling #chemotherapy #hopeoncologyclinic #paxman [More]
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Welcome and Introduction to Paxman Scalp Cooling Device Richard Paxman Chief Executive Officer, Paxman Cooler Chairpersons: Dr. Radheshyam Naik, Bengaluru; Dr. K Pavithran, Cochin Lecture: Myths and Facts about Scalp Cooling for chemotherapy-induced Alopecia Speaker: [More]
The Rush University Cancer Center uses cooling-cap technology to help fend off hair loss in patients receiving chemotherapy.
Hair loss seemed to be an unavoidable result of chemotherapy. But two new studies are showing the effectiveness of cold cap therapy to prevent hair loss, reports Barry Petersen. Subscribe to the “CBS Evening News” [More]
TITLE: Alleviating Hair Loss Caused by Chemotherapy Treatment thru Scalp Cooling GUEST: Jim Frantzis PRESENTER: Henry Acosta OVERVIEW: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by Icon Cancer Care CEO Jim Frantzis here to [More]
The team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Fort Thomas has a special grant to provide women with breast cancer a therapy to reduce hair loss at no charge.
Dr. David Riseberg, Chief of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Mercy, discusses the use of cooling caps to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy. Learn more @
Jennifer Buckland wanted to keep her life as normal as possible during breast cancer treatment. She chose to use a cooling cap device that helped her go through chemo without losing her hair. To read [More]
Hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy that can have a significant impact on the psychological aspect of a breast cancer patient’s treatment and recovery. The scalp-cooling system now available at Miami Cancer Institute [More]