What is chemotherapy? Doctorpedia Founding Medical Partner and hematologist Dr. Sanjay Juneja explains that cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs work by poisoning a cell when a cancer cell is splitting. He also notes that hair loss, nausea, [More]
Chemotherapy (Introduction, Classification) MSN-2
Bessem from Tanzania was diagnosed with breast cancer which could not be alleviated with chemotherapy sessions. Her case was then referred to Dr. Devavrat Arya (https://bit.ly/2ZeFu7w), Director, Oncology, under whose supervision PET Scan and biopsy [More]
#shorts #breastcancer #chemotherapy It’s been a long 6 or 7 months. Diagnosed on 27 October, surgery on 7 December and starting chemo on New Year’s Eve. I have had many tough days but with the [More]
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​Why does Chemotherapy cause hair loss? ​Why does Chemotherapy cause hair loss? | Avoiding hair loss during Chemotherapy | chemotherapy Chemotherapy, or chemo, is the use of drugs to stop or slow the growth of [More]
Susan Butler RN, MSN, an oncology nurse with the Merle Cancer Care Center at Island Hospital, discusses the benefits, side effects and considerations of taking oral chemotherapy.
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