Pokey has lymphoma and has 3 treatments left in her CHOP multi-agent chemotherapy protocol. This video is all about Pokey’s chemotherapy visit including her exam, blood sampling, chemo prep and administration, and lots of kisses! [More]
Meet Professor Bob Brown from the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre. Find out about his exciting goal to prevent tumours from becoming resistant to chemotherapy.
Hypoxia-targeted cancer drug. Animation done for Merck Serono main
Cathy Baughman’s chemo therapy includes something extra on her head, called cold cap therapy. She wears it five hours each time while receiving chemo.
What is chemotherapy? Doctorpedia Founding Medical Partner and hematologist Dr. Sanjay Juneja explains that cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs work by poisoning a cell when a cancer cell is splitting. He also notes that hair loss, nausea, [More]
Chemotherapy (Introduction, Classification) MSN-2
Bessem from Tanzania was diagnosed with breast cancer which could not be alleviated with chemotherapy sessions. Her case was then referred to Dr. Devavrat Arya (https://bit.ly/2ZeFu7w), Director, Oncology, under whose supervision PET Scan and biopsy [More]
#shorts #breastcancer #chemotherapy It’s been a long 6 or 7 months. Diagnosed on 27 October, surgery on 7 December and starting chemo on New Year’s Eve. I have had many tough days but with the [More]
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