Teresa Polzien is battling breast cancer and undergoes a new, state-of-the art treatment. See what Dr. Michael Payne recommends to make Theresa’s treatment shorter and safer than conventional chemotherapy. Healthcare Heroes episode # 1007.3.
In fact, 70% of women who are dealing break cancer don’t need the treatment.
Bessem from Tanzania was diagnosed with breast cancer which could not be alleviated with chemotherapy sessions. Her case was then referred to Dr. Devavrat Arya (https://bit.ly/2ZeFu7w), Director, Oncology, under whose supervision PET Scan and biopsy [More]
#shorts #breastcancer #chemotherapy It’s been a long 6 or 7 months. Diagnosed on 27 October, surgery on 7 December and starting chemo on New Year’s Eve. I have had many tough days but with the [More]
Wondering if breast cancer can be treated without chemotherapy? In this video, Dr. Jennifer Griggs explains everything you need to know about the different options to treat breast cancer without chemotherapy. Visit www.Yerbba.com to get [More]
To learn more visit http://www.YouAndBreastCancer.com This animation explains what breast cancer is and how it develops. You can learn about the signs and symptoms to watch for, and the factors that can increase the risk [More]
To learn more visit http://www.YouAndBreastCancer.com
Joyce O’Shaughnessy, MD, and Mark Pegram, MD, discuss differences in mechanism of action (MOA) among classes of chemotherapy and the importance of MOA when deciding on treatment for patients with breast cancer.
As a hairdresser for more than 30 years and a “very private person,” Gabriele Bauer, 50, had her life dramatically change when she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, the most common type of breast [More]
A local doctor is part of a new break through in breast cancer treatment. The result is, Dr. Russell Gollard won’t have to use chemotherapy on his patients as much anymore.