Liz Bonnin shows us how bacteria spreads and how it reacts when it comes into contact with antibiotics. Taken from Bang Goes The Theory, Series 7. Subscribe for more awesome science –
The big bang theory may not be as contentious as, say, the evolution of man — partially because it involves bewildering astrophysics and math doing crazy things to itself instead of the straightforward, “Well, you [More]
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Liz Bonnin and Maggie Philbin look into cancer and the treatment that is used to stop the metastasis as soon as possible. Taken from Bang Goes The Theory: Series 8. Subscribe for more awesome science [More]
Science Space Documentary | The Big Bang Things You Didn’t Know
Jem Stansfield explores a never used reactor core at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria, to explain how a nuclear power station works. Bang Goes The Theory, investigating the science behind the headlines and [More]
Hi guys! How is it going? Well a lot of you asked me if I could do Penny’s Apartment from The Big Bang Theory and Yes I can! So here it is! I had some [More]
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Thanks to observations of galaxy redshifts, we can tell that the universe is EXPANDING! Knowing that the universe is expanding and how quickly its expanding also allows us to run the clock backwards 14 billion [More]