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The Army will award the Purple Heart to 39 soldiers injured when Iran struck their airbase in Iraq with ballistic missiles. This comes after a CBS News investigation revealed the soldiers were denied the honor [More]
In a rare public appearance to pick up an award, the woman who accused U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault says she had a responsibility to come forward, NBC News reports. Christine [More]
An undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself. ***Awards*** Sundance Film Festival ’19 / Best US Fiction Palm Spring International ShortsFest ’19/ Bridging Borders Award Caucus [More]
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James P. Allison wins the 2015 Lasker DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for the discovery and development of a monoclonal antibody therapy. Allison’s work has benefited thousands of people with advanced melanoma, a disease that [More]
The Nicotine molecules go through the lungs and into the bloodstream, before flooding nicotinic acetylcholine receptors near the ventral tegmental area. It blocks glia pickup of extracellualar glutamate, juicing the vta with more dopamine. Studies [More]
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William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe, and Gregg Semenza are honored for the discovery of the pathway by which cells from humans and most animals sense and adapt to changes in oxygen availability – a process essential [More]