Congress could approve an additional $10 billion in COVID funding.
A vaccine developed by a Chinese company in collaboration with the Canadian government will skip a final phase of testing and will be used on Chinese soldiers. “I really, really hope they’re collecting detailed data,” [More]
Pro-EU British MEPs fought back tears and hugged one another after the European Parliament voted to approve the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. Straight after the vote was ratified – which paves the way for the UK [More]
China has approved sales of a home-grown new drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Will it be the answer for desperate patients and their family members? #dementia #alzheimersdisease
The U.N. Security Council voted Saturday to approve a 30-day ceasefire in Syria. It demands that aide workers be allowed into eastern Ghouta, which has been under government siege this week. Airstrikes left at least [More]
Today’s topics include: Trastuzumab improves outcome in women with aggressive breast cancer, New type of chemotherapy drug approves for breast cancer treatment, Breast MRI detects more Ductal carcinoma in situ