The U.S. launched airstrikes in Syria targeting facilities used by Iran-backed groups. Officials say the airstrikes were retaliation for attacks on U.S. military facilities in Syria earlier this month. » Subscribe to TODAY: » [More]
The U.S. military carried out airstrikes in eastern Syria, targeting areas used by Iranian-backed militias, a U.S. military spokesman said. #syria #airstrike #news “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell” delivers the latest news and original [More]
American forces in Syria came under rocket fire following U.S. airstrikes on Iranian-backed militia groups near the Iraq-Syria border. NBC News’ Ali Arouzi breaks down how Iran is responding to the airstrikes and how military [More]
The conflict in Syria is on the verge of a dangerous escalation, according to a senior United Nations official. The comments come as Turkey threatened to launch a new military offensive. Talks between Turkey and [More]
The president approved military strikes on Iranian targets in retaliation for a strike on a U.S. drone but later backed away, The New York Times and The Washington Post reported Thursday night, citing multiple administration [More]
A new wave of airstrikes left hundreds of people dead, including scores of women and children, after a week of violence in Syria. Washington Post Middle East reporter Louisa Loveluck joined CBSN to discuss. Subscribe [More]