Learn more: https://www.edwards.com/devices/pressure-monitoring/closed-blood-sampling Safe, simple and reliable closed blood sampling for effective patient blood management. Edwards Lifesciences’ VAMP closed blood sampling systems incorporate an in-line reservoir that allows clinicians to reinfuse rather than discard the [More]
Dr. Toney presents an overview of adult vaccinations, focusing on the vaccines that are most important and relevant for the adult patient. He begins by discussing pneumococcal vaccines, whose guidelines can often be confusing because [More]
In this segment, Bijal D. Shah, MD, discusses risk stratification in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Raoul Tibes, MD, PhD, discusses the incorporation of asparaginase into adult regimens.
This week Kate and Kelsey discuss selling their underwear before sitting down to talk with Lara Parker about living with chronic pain and how important it is to believe your body despite other people not [More]
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