Accupuncture Dr. Jay Bhakta
Comment l’acupuncture agit sur votre corps ? Article :
Neidan is practiced by Westerns who love Kung Fu. Neidan is a process that can bring one into a fuller potential of thinking, doing andd feeling. But when this Eastern process reached the West the [More]
The points are recommended by an accupunctarist
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Today the back injury flared up and I got some acupuncture and cupping done. Still in quite a bit of pain but took it as easy as possible an still got this vlog complete!! Day [More]
This video will be a boon for students and aspirants from medical and life science background. You will be able to understand and learn the words used in your classes easily. The series of videos [More]
Accupuncture, farhad nasr chimeh md – طب سوزنى، دكتر فرهاد نصرچيمه
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