Live Streamed on September 11, 2019 from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California by NoLiesRadio. More info here: PART 1 –[00:00} Bonnie Falkner of Guns and Butter welcome; [04:00] Abbottabad: Video of Osama [More]
UPDATE: Some people in the comment thread of this original vid (see below) are debunking this video… I’m gonna leave it up until I get any kind of confirmations its bogus. THE TRUTH WILL SET [More]
A Walmart in Florida used Coke boxes to recreate the Twin Towers, and people on social media agree that it’s really tone deaf. Subscribe for more videos! The photo: Follow us on Twitter! [More]
A mattress company in Texas put out an offensive 9/11 commercial…Here’s my opinion on the issue. Check out the mattress companies offensive 9/11 commercial here. Tasteless ad or brilliant marketing? Is it okay to laugh [More]