NBC 4 introduces us to transarterial chemoembolization, often referred to as “chemo beads”, a minimally invasive procedure that injects chemotherapy drugs directly into a blood vessel feeding a cancerous tumor. Doctors say it is more [More]
Could a kinder and gentler form of chemotherapy be on the horizon? 10TV takes a closer look at the “Hot Chemo Bath” to find out. Cancer patients know how difficult chemotherapy can be both physically [More]
New research shows a special helmet-like device may help prevent hair loss in some women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. NOTE: Members of the media may download broadcast quality video, audio, script and web assets [More]
During chemo treatment you may experience changes in your skin, nails and hair. Learn tips for managing these shifts, including how to manage brittle fingernails and dry skin. Check out the full series on chemotherapy [More]
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It is destructive watching the incredible hair loss during chemo despite using a cool cap (DigniCap) treatment. Hair in my food, hair limited to washing only 1-2x/week, becoming obsessive with cleaning/picking up hair. See my [More]
MD Anderson’s Dr. Sunil Patel discusses what to expect during chemotherapy and dispels a few myths about what patients truly experience during an infusion. Learn more about chemotherapy: https://www.mdanderson.org/patients-family/diagnosis-treatment/treatment-options/chemotherapy.html Request an appointment at MD Anderson [More]
Mitosis chemotherapy cancer treatments can cause side effects that include mouth sores, hair loss, lowered blood count and nausea. Stop the spread of cancer by killing off cells that are replicating via mitosis with insight [More]
Why and how hair loss happens during breast cancer treatment. Chemotherapy uses, side effects, types, how it’s given, and more. Googleusercontent search. How chemotherapy kills cancer cells. With a port, your nurse does not need [More]
About the Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Stomach Cancer. Part of the series: Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments & Side Effects. The side effects of chemotherapy treatments for stomach cancer include nausea, hair loss, weight loss, and [More]