Bacteriophages are interesting viruses that target bacteria and have been used for therapeutic purposes. Recently, the emergence of antibiotic resistance has spurred a renewed interest in using these viruses or their products as therapeutic tools [More]
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A man falls into a river and almost drowns – at the hospital, the doctors find that there are multi-resistant pathogens in his lungs. The man dies shortly afterwards. The exact cause of death remains [More]
#ResistenciaAntimicrobianaUnisabana Harry Esteban Trujillo Ramirez Las bacterias multirresistentes son una problemática a nivel mundial, pero si tenemos el conocimiento adecuado y tomamos las medidas preventivas correspondientes podremos evitar que las bacterias entren a nuestro cuerpo, [More]
What do you do when bacterial growth shows resistance to all of the antibiotics on your micro panel? This is the dilemma that we are faced with everyday when it comes to multidrug resistant organisms. [More]
Abstract Swine dysentery (SD) caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae results in economic losses in swine producing countries worldwide. Increased number of SD outbreaks raised fear in Belgium as treatment would be hampered due to increased (multi-)resistance [More]
A deadly superbug outbreak in LA is terrifying locals. Why do people get so sick in hospitals? Get 15% off’s s domain names and web hosting when you use coupon code DNEWS at checkout! [More]
Let the Amoeba Sisters introduce you to bacteria! This video explains bacterial structure, reproduction, and how not all bacteria are “bad!” Video also briefly mentions endospores, plasmids, and bacteria transformation. Table of Contents: 00:00 Intro [More]
What are bacteria? How do antibiotics work? And what can we do about increasing antibiotic resistance? Jenny Rohn, scientist and novelist, investigates the fascinating world of bacteria in this Friday Evening Discourse event from the [More]