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We are back at the jetty to do some saltwater fishing here in Texas. Everyone jetty fishing has been using spoons and is landing huge jacks here at the pier. Let’s see what I can [More]
In this episode of BlacktipH, Capt. Jason Boyll and myself catch a sea monster from the depths, a giant Warsaw Grouper, one of the rarest deep water groupers in Florida. This mysterious grouper species lives [More]
These are the most insane shark clips we’ve filmed on BlacktipH throughout the years. ▼ Featured Videos: • MASSIVE World Record Size Hammerhead Shark Caught Fishing with Greg Norman → http://bit.ly/world-record-hammerhead • Strongest Men VS [More]
In this episode of BlacktipH, we have an EPIC day of fishing in Panama, catching monster Black Marlin at Tropic Star Lodge with Guy Harvey. Black Marlin are one of the most challenging fish to [More]
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Robson returns to Africa to fish the jewel of the east coast’s crown: Tanzania. He will travel over 4000 miles to a country that brushes close to the equator and is home to the highest [More]
Between the Java and Sumatra islands, shark fishing has been very popular. Sawa, a seasoned fisherman, and his two sons, have been hunting shark fins for a living. Plunge with these extreme sea hunters who [More]
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