The European Parliament’s members discuss the EU responses to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including EU sanctions agreed at an extraordinary meeting of the European Council on 24 February. MEPs will vote on a resolution. Extraordinary [More]
No vídeo de hoje a Emanuelly mandou o Robert embora da casa dela!! Mas ele voltou com um presente para ela!! Assista até o final e confira como isso terminou… NOSSO NOVO CANAL DE POD [More]
Tens of thousands rallied in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on July 3 to urge reforms that would bring the Caucasian country closer to joining the European Union. An EU summit told Georgia in June that [More]
The European Commission recommended that the European Union designate Ukraine as a candidate for membership, a milestone in its path from a former Soviet republic towards a developed economy in the world’s largest trading bloc. [More]
Unity in the face of aggression is a sentiment EU member states stressed over and over again when Russian troops first invaded Ukraine. But that unity developed cracks when it came to the specifics – [More]
The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, has told Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, that the EU executive’s opinion on Ukraine’s request to join the bloc would be ready by the end of next week. Subscribe to Guardian News [More]
The European Union Commission announced a €210 billion plan ($221 billion) to boost the bloc’s target for renewable energy from 40% to 45% by 2030, as part of efforts to move away from Russian hydrocarbons. [More]
European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said the announcement by Gazprom “is yet another attempt by Russia to use gas as an instrument of blackmail.” Von der Leyen lashed out at what she described [More]
The European Union has warned companies not to bend to Moscow’s demand to pay for gas in rubles as that would be a breach of sanctions. But firms are seeking workarounds, and the bloc’s own [More]
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