What is Design Thinking? Why is it still so important? In this video AJ&Smart CEO Jonathan Courtney shares the definition of Design Thinking, an overview of the processes, and why they’re so important to innovation! [More]
Do you like using your imagination to build things that solve problems? If you do, you’re thinking like an engineer! Learn how engineers identify and solve problems, then help Jessi with a big problem of [More]
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The Engineering Design Process is a thought process that is used to help identify problems, and possible solutions. This is not something that is used just by engineers – it can be used by anyone [More]
Astronauts Tom Marshburn and Matthias Maurer discuss how engineers use the nine steps of the engineering design process to create solutions to technical problems. Watch Tom and Matthias aboard the International Space Station to see [More]
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I get a lot of questions about my product design process — which honestly differs with each project! Even though there’s no perfect design process, I do use the Double Diamond UX design process as [More]