Shanghai imposed a citywide lockdown on its 26 million residents on April 1, 2022 to combat the spread of COVID-19. It caused widespread public anger over issues such as crowded quarantine facilities, difficulties in accessing [More]
The streets in Shanghai remain vacant although authorities say more than half the population is no longer under lockdown. The lockdowns are causing labor shortages and broken supply lines and U.S. companies are warning it [More]
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If there’s any indication that what happens next in China is a big deal for the U.S. economy, it’s that Federal Reserve officials mentioned the country’s Covid-related lockdowns eight times at their latest policy meeting [More]
China is experiencing its worst COVID-19 outbreak in two years. China had been following a strict zero-COVID strategy since the start of the pandemic, which mandates that infections are swiftly identified and contained. China’s response [More]
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