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New video has shown Ukrainian soldiers rolling into recently liberated towns, part of Ukraine’s stunning offensive in the east that has freed an estimated 150 thousand people from Russian rule. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WORLD [More]
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Yu Beibei, a resident of Shanghai, was transferred to the city’s largest makeshift hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Yu lives with her husband, their two-year-old daughter [More]
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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to relieve pain or prevent disease. Using the power and sensitivity of the human hand, it is [More]
“I started to realize that I would want to advance my degree when I started working in the trauma facility I’m at now. I’ve noticed that the PAs aren’t always informed on what’s going on, [More]
A group of Chinese doctors has been allowed for the first time to enter the intensive care unit (ICU) of Sudan’s largest hospital, to see COVID-19 patients.!language=1 Welcome to subscribe us on: Facebook: [More]
The White House COVID Response Team said once a year shots are in the future.
John Dickerson reports on the role of “special master,” what Education Secretary Miguel Cardona says about safety inside classrooms, and the struggle for clean water in Jackson, Mississippi.