What is Chemotherapy? Dr. Sanjay Juneja Explains

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What is chemotherapy? Doctorpedia Founding Medical Partner and hematologist Dr. Sanjay Juneja explains that cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs work by poisoning a cell when a cancer cell is splitting. He also notes that hair loss, nausea, and loss of appetite are common side effects of chemotherapy because those cells replicate fast and are also affected by the chemotherapy.

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About Dr. Sanjay Juneja
Triple board certified Hematologist & Medical Oncologist. Social media educator & medical influencer with 500,000+ followers known as ‘TheOncDoc’ and guest featured on dozens of podcasts, local news channels (PBS, CBS, NPR) as well as in segments for Dr. Mike (containing Dr. Fauci), MTV, PureWow, and DailyMail.
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