Rob Kardashian Makes RARE Appearance for Khloé Kardashian’s Birthday Getaway

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Rob Kardashian makes a rare appearance as he joins his daughter Dream for a getaway to celebrate his sister Khloé Kardashian’s 38th birthday. This outing for Rob marks the first time he has been seen publicly since his family won the defamation lawsuit, filed by his ex Blac Chyna in May.

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angela flear says:

IMO Dream is the best looking of all the grand kids. Always smiling. Going to be a beauty.

Jeannettea Crowder says:

She forgot True's name because she's the one that looks black the rest of the little half black babies could pass for white but not True she definitely looks all black that's why she's Kris lest favorite

karl Perriment says:

I wonder if britney spears money paid for the private jet

nicohode says:

Why must the moderator talk so strange

Kellee Williams says:

So beautiful

xiomi miner says:

Not only he loves his ex ,and that keeps him close by.

Simone Lopez says:

I can’t deal with the news casters voice

Sophie K Davis says:

I'm finding these comments very creepy saying that one child is the cutest out of all the kids. What's wrong with grown adults comparing whose child is the best looks wise. Just say the child is cute and keep it moving. They're all adorable.

Val Iba says:

Awww she pretty

Lindsay Kendall says:

Dream is the most beautiful of all the children!

Hazel Coggane says:

How much opulence can this family show the apex of the Donald trump laws of the richest eat the poor with his best friend putin killing millions in Ukrain when are these people going to put a cork in it. The most universal unaware privileged please stop read world news not Fox. Use yourself for something better than this. It’s all a big mega rich YAWN.

Zamora Pakalolo says:

About to get pimped like her aunts.

Pamela Bonilla says:

Dream is so cute ! She looks like her Dad

Lori Hutton says:

I wish I was younger. Rob needs someone to enjoy his daughter with. I could never have children. Fun,it would be but I wouldn't put up with drama. If a female wanted Rob. He's been right there,all these years. Seems to be pretty normal man and good dad. Good Luck to you handsome and your Darling daughter.

C Av says:

Dream is gorgeous, to bad her mom is so messed up. Seems like Rob is making up being a good dad for the both of them. My god how did this family get so rich

AG says:

She's So Beautiful, inside & out

Lu GioF says:

Can we say that she will be the only Kardashian …

Christian Vega says:

I know Kylie has a hand in Rob's healing and rebuilding and that's beautiful, I feel like she inherited a lot of traits from her mom Kris.

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