Kim Kardashian on 15-Pound Weight Gain: I'm Seeing a Nutritionist

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Kim Kardashian West got candid during a visit to the ET set about her 15-pound weight gain and what she’s doing to live healthier.


Ilona Ilona says:

“truly obsessed with each other” lol

worries trouble says:

She's drop dead gorgeous!

abcdefghijk1024 says:

Anybody know what lipstick shade shes wearing?

schnee78 says:

Such a beauty.

Andrei. says:


Anna Lexi says:

She looked amazing! I don’t like her super skinny! Makes her look older.. ☹️

Lauren Ashcroft says:

Normal relationship, now I wouldn’t be so sure 😉

Ana Oliveira says:

Wow she's stunning here.

patricio rodriguez says:

so they are more like girlfriends..

Marie Garcia says:

Not that I know of lol

J Smith says:


Iwonas r says:

why that woman said what the guy mean that Kim can cook isn't great that all woman can be in house and take care of family man will work and bring money. back to the warm house. why you people afraid sth what is normal for ages. don't be political corect black is black white is white

mi Ben says:

The interviewers were so nice and respectful! I've seen a lot of rude interviewers Kim had to deal with.

MB _ says:

I hope that she returns to Instagram soon.

Nancy Guzman says:

"Hurry up let me make your lunch"!?! HAHAHAHA yeah okay!!

Sia Sia says:

i don't believe kim loves kanye, they are just best friends

Haya Glamazon says:

Kim is gorgeous!

Carlton says:

Dang she is pretty.

Henra Lilly says:

Kim is the most beautiful out of her family hands down.

Onyinye Obi says:

most women have plastic surgeries and still look old and ugly ,even her pictures before the sugery she has always been a beautiful girl so haters go fix your selves before raining shades on another …..enough of all this sugery talk is she the only one?so many hollywood women has gone under the knife but you all make it seem like she is the only one ….

foxtrot uniform charlie kilo says:

Kim seems nice in this interview, I hope that's how she really is. Although, why is the media so obsessed with her? What did she do that's so special? No hate intended.

jenna eneria says:

Can i taste kim's soul food??

Del Carmen says:

What ever you have to say about her you have to admit she's stunning.

Lana Leah says:

the blonde is the hot one

giavannira says:

So pple love class n then there's this…

Sara kayley says:

She actually seem so much sweeter now! Maybe being a mom changed her for the better. She's definitely glowing. 🙂

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