Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About Jennifer Aniston

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Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston is pretty much universally beloved in Hollywood and is rarely a part of any kind of scandal. After gaining fame through her starring role in the iconic Friends series, she’s gone on to have a long and very successful career. However, throughout the years multiple celebs have thrown some shade Jen’s way and that’s made us question whether the star is really the nice person she seems to be. Today we’re exposing the Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About Jennifer Aniston here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:11- Jay Mohr
1:39- John Mayer
2:28- Joan Rivers
3:04- Kristen Stewart
3:49- Tim Gunn
4:17- Bill O’Reilly
5:19- Piers Morgan
6:18- Friends Cast

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Top 10 Beyond The Screen says:

What's your favorite Jennifer Aniston movie/show?

Farah V says:

Finally some real news on her!

Lee Osmond says:

I dought Courtney and Lisa were jealous

Peter Williamson says:

Many a time ptofessionalism is lost when beautiful people (who are married to others) have script that calls for kissing and npsrmi nakedness, I reckon it would be pretty hard to keep everything in cheque under such circumstances, I'm not making excuses just judging human nature, Jens beautiful and was completely swept off her feet in love with this man, and I think she suffered greatly because of the high profile nature of being a star, I'm glad hers is still shining bright he could have been more co siderate to her, and Angelina to Billy Bob

Assia Ghaliouech says:

I love Léonard DiCaprio

Jessica Madrid says:

Pierce Morgan is an insensitive jerk!

Nancy Noonan says:

I have never been a fan and I'm glad that her image is no longer plastered all over the tabloids at the supermarket.

Deepsikha Sarkar says:

Stewart is dumb to say that Aniston don't deserve press if not Angelina. Maybe she had never seen FRIENDS.

Susan Smith says:

Aniston is a mediocre actress who gets paid a lot of money. She's way overvalued by herself.

Chée Trejo says:

Well, you know what they say, where there's smoke, there's fire.

Simran Rana says:

What a bunch of crap
She is one of the most sweetest, nicest, celebrity out there
They are just jealous of her

ADRIAN W says:

She's not genetic female

Kusum Sahni says:

Ya ya that's why her ex husband Justin is still bestfriends with him way too sarcastic

Valerie Miller says:

Just sounds like a bunch of jealous hussies and salty men to me. SDE for sure.

teddy bundy says:

Kristen is just being childish. Jennifer was always popular since friends came out

TheAstronomyFloyd says:

So basically celebrities being cunts towards Aniston, I mean come on, Piers Morgan? It’s a no wonder Jeremy Clarkson punched him, and Joan Rivers? lmao

Real life Lebowski says:

In all honesty she has made an entire career on her hair and sappy forgettable comedy's you forget about 2 hours after leaving the movie theatre


What's up with Piers and thinking everything is fake? So she's not allowed to show real emotion? Pffft


Speaking of the Devil, piers Morgan I just said it he pretty much hates/or is critical of everybody


How did he get that from her comments? She never said oh yeah young children don't need father's she was just acknowledging that if you're a single mother it's beautiful because children who need homes can have it. I agree with that statement because it breaks my heart when I hear of kids who don't have a mother figure or father figure and end up homeless on the street. He's making it sound way worse than it means or rather misinterpreting


Honestly I don't think someone should be judged just cuz they can't use technology. So shame on John Mayer. The amount of elderly people I know who can't use technology and they're doing fine for themselves. Come on dude!


That wasn't very nice of her to insinuate that he wasn't attractive to play a love interest of hers. That would have hurt my feelings too

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