Russian positions abandoned in Ukraine counteroffensive

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In the shadow of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday speech, a clear sign that the war in Ukraine is not going well for Russia, CBS News’ Debora Patta toured Izyum, where she got inside the first base and trenches that fell as the counteroffensive to take Kharkiv region began. Patta also spoke to a member of the Ukrainian special forces that led the assault, and he shared his footage of the early days of the fighting.

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Rex Jucaban says:

Another fake news hahaha!!!!

Kenneth says:

I like this lady. Debora

Kenneth says:

Sore loser once lose all those young men lives. Sore loser will call reservist women to war. By then, russian will be old and kids in the country.

Cmore Butts says:

Republicans are all about fascism like this.

TheVoiTube says:

Well those who survive from new arrivals will be elite combatants of Russian army.

Joe Mama says:

Lol love it, lady calling putin a sore loser lol

Tommy LAwton says:

The Russian hord is just a rag tag army again

331SVTCobra says:

Those Russian cops in riot gear seem to be a well-oiled machine… send THEM to the front.
The Russian protesters who are carried to the bus should also wear 100 lbs of iron weights.

Brian Brady says:

i feel for the Russian people as well. this is not a popular war there

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