REPLAY – China says territorial integrity of Ukraine must be respected • FRANCE 24 English

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China hopes that Ukraine and Russia will strive to “address security concerns” through peace talks, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the UN Security Council on Thursday.
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Booker Tee says:

Territory integrity? Asked India about Communist China's territory integrity. The UN is a joke.

cholomackdaddy says:

All hell just froze over.

Petrus says:

Putin can't be happy with this. China is inches away from telling Putin to stop his madness publicly. The aggression is bad for China's business, too.

Manish Sramon says:

This is very known Chinese strategy before they suprise the world. It's very well known to the east. Don't fall for this !

It means something big is coming soon.

orKKa says:

All words from China but no action.

Leah Casey says:

Anthony Blinken, CNN and the BBC had decided that Wang Yi's presentation was threatening and provocative 30 minutes before he even began his presentation to the UNSC.

Jordan Pollard says:

Expect double talk from China, it's practical for them to play both sides

Chua SC says:

USA and NATO must stop supplying weapons and Russia will stop military actions at the same time. Mediation must then proceed to continue implement agreements for peace

grumblesa10 says:

The Chinese are setting up more "territorial integrity " claims, not necessarily, Taiwan but the Russian "Far East". Russia is the only 'Western' nation to not return its colonial holdings back to China.

OG Reggie B says:

China needs to be giving this speech to its pals in Russia.

wheelmanstan says:

At least publicly Putin is getting the cold shoulder from India and China regardless of how they're still helping fund the war by buying oil etc. Putin seems to have lost his mind. He's hamming a square peg into a round hole. His troops will refuse to fight, Ukraine will get within distance of his ships and sink them. One thing Putin can't stand is losing his fleet.

Patrys Nel says:

Thank you, China.

Jaap Ongeveer says:

This is how I see settlement of the war:
1. russian military pull out of Ukraine, all of it.
2. russian speaking traitors in Ukraine move to russia
3. russia pay reparations to all the damage they have done during the war.

Timo S Lempiainen says:

Well China says this,but they are no different than Russia,they want to take over Taiwan.We must let the China know that the we stand with the Taiwan,just as we stand with Ukraine.

Louis S. says:

Ukraine shouldn't negotiate anything, no one gets to tell Ukraine anything, let Ukrainians decide when Russians had enough.

lothean says:

Taiwan: can we get that in writing china.

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