Protests erupt across Russia after Putin’s partial mobilization announcement l GMA

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President Biden condemned Putin’s latest threats on the West during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

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iraj lotfalian says:

@ABCNews why ABCnews is not covering Iran's protest as much?

Eredin Breacc Glas says:

Time has change. People has change. No one wants to go to a war has nothing to do with them. It only hurts more and more people and more suffering on both sides.

Samuel Culper says:

More meat for the grinder.

Samuel Culper says:

This is not a war fought by small arms fire, it is waged by superior technologies that have rendered man power beyond a basic functional level irrelevant. Simply put, more men won’t make a difference.

Tigon Ballz says:

Yeah send Putin to the front lines , he's no Patton!!!

Heather Naugle says:

And those Russians can't protect themselves from their own government

Russell Sawyer says:

This happened in the sixtys & seventy in Berkley so whats the big deal pepole protesting.

TheEnigmaticOpaque says:

And Trump supporters are going to try to justify Putin's bullshit in 3, 2, 1…

Music says:

Biden is a disgrace

Music says:

Protesting ? Gonna take more than protesting

Tsu says:

Please stop Putin!!!

Rom says:

Stock western propaganda footage, there are no protests.

Reservists are being called up, not everybody.

KX says:

Prayers to everyone

Catherine Silver says:

Those that are arrested are now of the 300,000.00 mobilized

jamie Haynes says:

I support russia

ankieb says:

Putin gonna use them nukes thinking he won but little does he know aliens are here

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