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The science of biology is the story of our quest to understand the living world and explain how its organisms work and interact – whether microbes, mushrooms, or mammals. In answering these and many other questions, we’ve discovered the mechanics of plants, animals, and the human body; explored the mysteries of DNA and genetic inheritance; and learned how to develop vaccines that control diseases.

Written in plain English, The Biology Book is packed with short, pithy explanations of more than 95 momentous ideas in science, from cell theory to evolution by natural selection. Themed chapters explore key areas of the life sciences including ecology, zoology, and biotechnology, tracing the history of scientific thought and introducing the scientists who shaped the subject, such as Carl Linnaeus, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Charles Darwin, and Gregor Mendel. Coverage of topical issues such as cloning, neuroscience, human evolution, and gene editing brings the story right up to date. Step by step flowcharts help to unpick complex theories, diagrams demystify biological processes, illuminating quotes make the ideas and discoveries memorable, and witty illustrations enhance our understanding of the science.

Whether you’re new to the subject, a budding botanist or molecular scientist, an avid student of the living world, or keen to keep up with and understand current ethical and scientific debates, The Biology Book is for you.

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Muesli says:

Narrator sounds like he went to school with James May

___InTheMaking says:

This book is very informative. It’s giving me a new outlook on life.

ur mom says:

I love this guy's voice

Лада САМСУНГ says:

Thank you for all these amazing books ❤️
I love your channel so much

van vihung says:

Do psychology too please

Mutthu Selvam says:

Clear audio gives a wonderful experience
Thanks a lot
Please release similar audio books for the benefit of one and all
Nice experience

Jim Harris says:

This is great for me piecing many different parts of biology into a very interesting history

Jason Jackson says:


Jasin's World says:

Yo. I wish there was subuttles

How the world works says:

So many pieces of shit contributed to the writing of this book. Why are humans so horrible?

Self-Law says:


franky w says:

Medicinal Compound ..Lily the pink .

Peter Gleeson says:

It is a pity such good work is ruined with bad editing. Missing the first half second of every date, category, quote and title. Did no one bother listening to it before posting? Another is physics from the same channel with the same problem

Tim Stula says:

If only there was a book like this made for law..or technology!

freedem says:

You have an error. I had Stanly Miller as a visiting professor and not only did he get amino acids but hevalso had self forming membranes around them. He called them" protienoid microspheres" and believed them "pre-cells" though they lacked any neucleaic acid for repoduction.

anime memes says:

thanks this mostly helps my essay

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