Symptoms of lung cancer

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Knowing the key symptoms of lung cancer are can help find it early and mean treatment is more likely to be successful. These symptoms can be caused by something much less serious than cancer. But they could be cancer so see your GP if you have any of them. They include a persistent cough or a change in a cough, shortness of breath and blood in phlegm.Find out more


Mark Brown says:

Lol there is no such thing as lung cancer. ONLY COVID…..

Shivam Tiwary says:

My chest pain while breathing deeply since 3 days.
Or else everything is good, so do i have chance of cancer

plad XD says:

I have short of breath should I still go

Niyati says:

I have all the symptoms except 2 of them. Should I be worried?

Synamite Gamer says:

I have the shortness of breath

Kurt Xavier says:


Jeny Jeny says:

Dr i want a person back to my life he is at initial stage.but just too late.can we recover him?he used lots of pan things early times…now he is in sad….and am too ….wht can we do… against this…

think media star says:

I have pain in my lung from 3 months and I didn't went to the doctor because of poor Ness

Fucking Retard says:

I have all of these symptoms and my parents are laughing at me and saying I worry too much

i L says:

I know smoking the green tea would give lung cancer I am not lying it hurt my chest when I breath and I am tired all the time swimming is hard now I love swimming maybe it because I used a regular paper to much chemicals

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