Bladder Cancer: The Basics | Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

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Specialists at the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (GBCI) outline a basic overview of the functions of the bladder, and the different types of cancer that can affect the bladder. Learn about symptoms and risk factors for the disease, and how the GBCI’s multi-disciplinary clinical approach is moving research forward.


Boyd 1013 says:

does bladder cancer causes injury to the bladder?

AJ810 says:

I have had frequent urination for about 6 months, mainly at night. As soon as i pee, I lie down again and feel my bladder filling up, but not full. When I go i do pee, these frequent pees aren't full pee's as my bladder isn't full. I do have a full bladder sometimes after a few hours. I pee sometimes often in the daytime, but nearly always at night. I'm 40 male. I have an urology appointment in 4 weeks, getting scared now.

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Arlie Tanniehill says:

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Carol Patterson says:

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madhu beerneedi says:

Is it possible to give radiation in invasive bladder cancer which is of 25*7mm and how effective is it..

Smol brain human says:

Well goodbye
Im 11 and theres a lump on my bladder
The lump has been there for a year and a half

A3 Skywarrior says:

Tell me why cancer (damaged cells) occurs in the first place before you try to treat the symptoms of damaged cells. Tell me the root cause. Its 2019. What else do kidneys filter? Ah metaboiic celluarl waste, what happens if the kidneys do not filter your lymph waste? Oh the acid buiilds up around the cells. What does acids do to cells? It damages them, then the body surrounds the damaged cell by a tumor, Come on guys figure it out, its 95% bad diets.

Anja Human says:

My urologist told me he found 2 abnormal cells in my bladder. He says he isn't worried because it is slow growing. I am confused. He told me to do another urine test in sixth months time. How does he knows the abnormal cells is slow growing?

Find Continuity says:

Not so expensive when your government has a health care system that looks after the people that fund it day in and out.

mushy churro says:

I went to my OBGYN last week , and I thought I had a uti so i went ahead with a urine test, and there was no infection but there was blood in my urine. I did notice it when I wiped but I thought it was just spotting since I was on the pill. I am getting a doctor’s appointment scheduled just to be safe though. My uti-like symptoms haven’t been present since that day though

bien de reyes says:

i have pink Urine "theirs probably blood in it", im 24 year old male,. I AM VERY NERVOUS about this. i keep thinking that maybe im dying. the Doctor yesterday said that maybe its UTI and just gave me Cipro, But bladder cancer just wont go away in my mind. especially because it doesn't hurt when i pee.

Chenxi Liu says:

My grandma died of bladder cancer… So she got the muscle-invasive type…

Ortega O says:

Lately I takes about 5 secs for me to already have an emergency to go to the bathroom

Razan says:

its my first time seeing blood in my urine im so scared

000 000 says:

What % of people who have a PKD. Get bladder cancer.

Okalani5000 says:

I have been having blood in my urine, but it's not every day. Instead, it's random and usually shows up at the beginning of a week for one or two mornings. And usually the blood in my urine is related to dehydration, except I have been drinking a lot of liquids (I.E: Water, kool-aid, milk, etc.), whereas I have cut down on eating large meals already due to other problems I have been having. My big question is:

Can spotty bleeding from the bladder be a sign of dehydration or a sign of cancer?

Additional info: It always happens when it's my first couple urinations during the day before my first BM and after it. It's painful to urinate and sometimes I don't feel full pain, but the urine takes forever to come out. I urinate sometimes very little and sometimes A LOT. During the times of having blood in my urine, I usually pee quite a bit, so this is why I believe it's not a UI, nor dehydration. It's not cloudy with the exception of a little bit of a mucus film on top. The blood usually sinks all the way to the bottom of the bowl and the rest of the water is still a pinkish orange color. I do have pictures, you can ask me to email it to you if you have an email. I do have a doctor, but she still hasn't referred me to a Urologist.

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