What Is Design Thinking? An Overview

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What is Design Thinking? Why is it still so important? In this video AJ&Smart CEO Jonathan Courtney shares the definition of Design Thinking, an overview of the processes, and why they’re so important to innovation!

Do you use the Design Thinking mindset and principles to develop products or other innovative practices? What workshops and exercises do you undertake for each step, and why?

🤔 Share your thoughts and insights on these, in the comments below!

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What Is Design Thinking? (2020)


David Mulabi says:

Thanks. I want know Design Thinking in for non-profit projects

Dheeraj Chinni says:

This is the best explanation for design thinking. Helped me a lot to clear all my confusions about design thinking.

Kgabo Mahwai says:

Hi, If you have an idea how a problem can be solved, can you use design thinking to test if that solution will work?

mj c says:

A really good video giving the basics, it also supports the world of complexity that is you could, I think, use the process to derive what knowledge would be helpful to users, so their knowledge is enhanced on the complexity they operate. Through this understanding and knowledge they can then make informed decisions to, for example stay in control and not loose control of a process, maybe even keep themselves safe. My question is what are your thoughts on using this framework to develop knowledge in a safety context of keeping control through understanding. Look a the conclusion of the B2 accident at Guam, this framework may have helped develop pilot knowledge?

Brian Ruscio says:

Love the bloopers at the end. We can all relate. Great vid guys!

solomon Balogun says:

Human centered design approach who you are designing for


Just sent this one to a friend who confuses Design Sprints with Design Thinking. Too many people want to do "the whole thing in 3 hours…" Perfect explanation here, Jonathan.


Thank you for this amazing video!


I am new on this channel and I found this content extremely useful! Thank you for the video!

Denise Williams says:

This was a great video. Thanks for breaking it down so simply!

Architect HOSNY OTHMAN says:

Really great video! Thank you so much

Willie Gus Williams says:

Hello. I would definitely want to see more videos on design thinking workshops! I would be engaging in couple if co-creation workshops for a new project I am currently leading on!

MJ Mallari says:

Thank you, AJ.

Vogo says:

This background music is from a porno.

Tish says:

Would you say thats the "aspects" of design thinking is the 5 steps: emphasis, define, ideate, prototype and testing?

Katie Patrick says:

Personally, I just like to come up with what I call a "God Metric" and just think through the data – but I do environmental behavior change through so I can do it like this!

ebtihal abdullah says:

What's insight??
Can some one explain it simply

Ahmed Abobaker says:

The best video I've ever watched about design thinking
Thank you soooooo much for your effort

Billy Cleary says:

this vid was so lit thanks bruv
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Harry Riordan says:

my g this was lit thx bro i lube ur work whats ur email ill email u a blackberry giftcard

Priscilla Clayton says:

This was helpful and succinct . Thank you!!

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