Vaping: what people are getting wrong

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A youth vaping “epidemic” and a mysterious outbreak of lung disease in America has led to curbs on e-cigarette flavours. A backlash against vaping is perpetuating myths about nicotine-based e-cigarette products that are not backed up by scientific research. Read more here:

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ssshlurrpp 86 says:

You dont need e cigs to stop smoking

yusuf nasser says:

someone is making money …who cares whether smothers dies or not after all it is a matter of choices, or is it an addictions being commercialised

Duder says:

Great report, vaping is much much less harful, than classic smoking!

Lincoln Haldorsen says:

Me and many of my friends became addicted to nicotine in our teenage years from nicotine vaping

Kevin Green says:

To many germs on the mouth piece too

Maximus says:

The amount of forced second hand smoke in Singapore is overwhelming! Unstoppable.

Phylosophers Stoned says:

Thanks for illuminating this topic from every side

Florida Assessments Service says:

Camping is still bad for you

Fredy Gh says:

very successful

Fatama Moharram says:

The music was to load and made me lose the story line

btvbrndn says:

The main issue of teens vaping is they’re more likely to want to try cigarettes and become addicted.

Hans Solos says:

i live in a country that bans e-cigs/vape.
but the tax on tobacco is one of the highest in the world.
smokers pay high tobacco tax, yet they are socially stigmatized.
well, as long as the government makes so much $$$ from this insanely high tax, thats all they want.

The Alchemist says:

Why don't all of you vapers just smoke my pole

PJ says:

Finally a video about vaping that isn’t just fear mongering.

manga says:

Even with all the inadequacies of vaping, by what rationale did governments of all these countries see it to be the bigger evil to warrant a ban, without banning tobacco products first. Tobacco lobbyists haven't lost their grip yet, I suppose.

Avalina Abria says:

I don't know why people use them, once you stop smoking, that should be it! its finished! you shouldn't look for alternatives to curb your addiction.

Surprise Tatti says:

what is that for a vid here ? xD e sigarets r only harmful with nikotine and real cigarets r not harmful because of low nicotine ? xDD thats crazy …. my husband is smoking e cigaret now for many years and NO COLLAPST loung …. the collapsted loungs comes from everything and mostly real smokers !! And that is a fact ! E cigarets wil banned cuz the cigaret is dieing xDD and ya the ppl who work in this factory for reaL cigarets dont want that happen xDD so this vid is again a Bulll Shi….. to the smokers who wants to quit the cancer making shi…. and now the world is so against ? its crazy man …. just take this vid and pull it so far away u can =D …. and nicotine is changing the bloodvessel way and harms ur hart when u stop to fast … that is a very useful information for quitters 😉

Aziz Rahman says:

What we should know is tobacco companies are not making €£€£€$$$…..


Thank you sara.

JJ says:

Very informative and helpful, thank you!

videolan0000 says:

Replacing one addiction to another, everything is marketing, these "e-cigarettes" should decrese the amount of addicitive substances slowly in time until the patient (not client) quits them completely! But NO they add flavor to make them more addictive, it's just evil!

Muhammad Bin American says:

Beware of these types of "reports". May or may not be accurate. If you can quit all together.

madcowcorn says:

thanks for the facts instead of the hysteria Im going to make the switch

Shon Mendonca says:

Cigarette companies won’t let their customers go for vape product so easily. They’ll make sure the vapes are labelled more dangerous than Rat poison

Contessa Adella says:

Authoritarian Big Government needs to get out of our lives, stop micromanaging our every pleasure and recreation. EDUCATE the public, but personal choice and risk assessment should remain with the individual. As always, elites in suits crave the wielding of power and influence over the populace. Smoking, vaping, drinking, food etc all being curtailed for what? “Your best interests”…”Public safety”…excuses to dominate you the public who the country is supposed to be run for…not against!

Krishnan Sasikumar says:

Vaping is also bad, especially for non-smokers like me. But.. but … but, why not ban regular cigs first and then vapes? End of the day, it's all about the RICH TOBACCO companies profit margins, not about kids health

Alexander Henn says:

And I don't think it's true that most people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. I think a lot of young people start using e-cigarettes instead of smoking without having smoked before. These pro e cigarette people seem naive.

Alexander Henn says:

I think it seems suspicious that e-cigarettes would cause less craving. Then they take snus as example. Snus is addictive, I know a few guys who told me they could not quit.

Ramir Enriquez says:

What if Philip Morris/Marlboro or other Tobacco companies are behind these e-cigarette brands? They lost tons of money before and now they're regaining the money they lost – just what if – I hope they're not though.

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