How I became a Software Engineer with no experience or degree | my experience + tips

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A story of my 3-year journey and a beginner’s guide to getting a job as a software engineer at top tech companies with no coding background or degree all in less than 20 minutes.

Hey everyone, to give back to the community that has always been kind and generous to me, I decided to make a video sharing my unconventional advice and experiences getting into tech as a software engineer. Hopefully, this is able to show you what’s possible for your life. I know a lot of people may be struggling to land their first tech job or struggling to find their way into tech. Years ago, I decided to take control of my career and change my life. I hope this helps you.

For personalized questions and help reaching your career goals, you can DM me on Instagram and I will do my best to answer you.

Resources I mentioned:
Google Mock Interview:
AppAcademy Free Online Bootcamp:

Other videos:
Day in My Life as a Software Engineer

Medium Blog Post:

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Nelson Jimenez says:

I love San Francisco too

aad4m says:

Hi there, can you help me with the following please, my deadline is tonight.

*First Factorial*

Have the function take the number parameter being passed and return the factorial of it.

For example: if num = 4, then your program should return (4 * 3 * 2 * 1) = 24.

For the test cases, the range will be between 1 and 18 and the input will always be an integer.

*Time Convert*

Have the function take the number parameter being passed and return the number of hours

and minutes the parameter converts to (ie. if num = 63 then the output should be 1:3).

Separate the number of hours and minutes with a colon.

For the test cases, the numbers used will be 74 and 118.

*Consonant Count*

Have the function take the string parameter being passed and return the number of

consonants the string contains (ie. "All cows eat grass" would return 13).

For the test cases the two strings will be ‘Today is a really hot day but will cool down later’

and also ‘Rabbits bounce whilst dogs bark’

*H Distance (Hamming Disatnce)*

Have the function take the array of strings, which will only contain two strings of equal

length and return the number of characters at each position that are different between

them. For example: [“house”, “hours”] then your program should return 2. The string will

always be of equal length and will only contain lowercase characters from the alphabet and


For the test cases, the first set of numbers will be [100101001 and 110110011] and

[11001101 and 10110110]

*Roman Numbers*

Have the function take in an integer value of up to 4000 and then convert that number into

the correct Roman numeral equivalent. For example if the function takes 1943 then the

return should be MCMXLIII

For the test cases, the two numbers will be 3612 and 423.



EunSeo says:

Thank you for sharing, glad to see your grit paid off exponentially.

Pamela Escarfullery says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience of becoming a software engineer. I am currently working at amazon and they’re offering to pay for my training. I’ve never considered this as a career path but I wouldn’t want to turn down such a great opportunity! Your resilience and persistence is truly inspiring and I hope to follow your footsteps!

aakash narwade says:

Subscribed, keep it up.

Melody Nyakio says:

Doing my bsc software engineering and let me tell you they teach nothing important at school and now going into my fourth year I really wanna drop out and learn on my own

Sa Al says:

So u have no university degree ?? Wow that is so inspiring for me

Cuddy says:

Thank you so much!


Great video, I love your perseverance. The information is straightforward and not bs. I commute to the city everyday I feel like you made the best move by not moving out of there. I’m looking forward to getting started in my journey.

Nagihan Erdem says:

I all the time watch these kinda videos on YouTube 🙁 i am so happy for you girl. I couldn't succeed anything yet although i tried however when i see people like you i get happy 🙂 i am looking for a spark for myself too..but i am 28 and i feel already too old to start smth new.. done with mechanical engineering then master's degree in Germany about manufacturing and now another master's degree regarding nuclear applications since i couldn't find job and i thought i like this major more than first one..but i feel like i am fooling myself..i have been trying to learn coding but i think it is just not meant to be.. i was so motivated to change my life then i found out that i have a disease bla bla pfff boring stories i know.. i just wanted to share and i dunno why..

Chisom A. says:

Great video. I’m in grad school for MIS but still not sure exactly what field I want to work in and feel like I’m not getting the full work experience to build the skills I need. It’s not just the interviews but feeling incompetent really sucks. I’m still looking for an internship, but I definitely need to put in the work like you did. Thank you for the resources.

Hamid Gholami says:

I have no degree but diploma
My question is can I get a machine learning engineer job? Well I know python and most important libraris and did some projects too
I would be happy if anyone just answer me thanks

Desmond Awere says:

what do you do if you apply, but you are not even getting to interview stage or code test stage?

Limda Chanleap says:

How many program languages that you are using in your career ?

tendo ezra says:

Coooooooool inspiring #####

Ruben Arellano says:

What IOS bootcamp did you go to?

Iss Becca says:

Your journey is amazing and very inspirational ! thanks so much for sharing

F1zzy says:

Any way we could see the way your resume was structured?

Nat Genesis says:

You are not alone girl here in Canada

D's Poetic Diary says:

What you recommend?

Tysen Gasper says:

glad I found this. I’m a recent college drop out and wanted to get into tech. This gave me some sort of direction


This is encouraging , am just starting learning my background is totally different .

TGPWJ says:

I love how you shared your experience and struggle with growth mindset and really looking for what is right for you. Very inspiring.

jose jaime says:

I really liked the part of the video where you emphasized enjoy the process, just like businesses+poker+poker it’s always about enjoying the process lol..

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